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Project REVIVE is brought to you by the best teachers in Ireland to give you the ultimate movement experience. The REVIVE team are experienced, educated, passionate and super friendly.
Their expertise will get you moving and feeling better than ever before, delivering you classes that encompass all the components of fitness. Meet the girls behind REVIVE.

hayley Annie

Meet Our TEAM

Annie Kirwan Bio pic

Co-founder Project REVIVE.

Annie’s mission is to bring health & happiness to as many people as possible.

A science graduate with a masters degree in molecular immunology, Annie has a fascination with biomechanics and a thorough understanding of the workings of the human body.

She is particularly interested in the impact of your lifestyle on your health and the capacity of the body to heal itself. She works with clients to focus on their movement, mindset and nutrition to take control of their wellbeing and live a happier, healthier life.

Teaching Pilates is Annie’s passion, allowing her to bring science to movement. She works with some of Ireland’s top sports stars such as members of Leinster Rugby and Dublin Footballers and Hurlers.

Designed around an evidence-based understanding of our bodies, she will help you change the way you move, how you heal and age and help you look and feel better.

Hayley Killen Bio pic

Hayley Co-Founder Project REVIVE.

“My style of teaching is aimed to make you more mobile, strong and powerful by establishing and reinforcing movement patterns and challenging your physical abilities under challenging and safe conditions”

A Sports Management graduate of UCD and a strength and conditioning coach, Hayley is an experienced Pilates and Exercise Specialist with a strong focus on optimal movement for the body. She believes no single component of fitness should come at the expense of another. Finding the balance is the key to optimum health. You will find this balance in the REVIVE Pilates classes. Make no mistake these classes are challenging and cater to all levels.

Hayley loves to help people to move and feel better and to welcome them into an environment where they feel comfortable, at ease as well as having a ball of fun.
With the love and knowledge she has of the bodies anatomy and with her passion for movement she has developed years of experience in optimal movement for the human body.

She has worked with a wide variety of clients from well known athletes to total beginners. She is also one of the top Pink Ribbon Pilates instructors in Ireland. She works with clients throughout their breast cancer journey from diagnosis to recovery and reconstruction.

Our team is amazing, look what they have to say...


"Project Revive has been a fantastic addition to the Indeed team. The classes are energetic, fun and challenging. Not only are the classes a great way to bring the team together, it also allows us to obtain more productive work hours."
Eoin Baker
(Director of Sales at Indeed)
"I am a big believer in movement for your mind. Project Revive offers a fantastic style of exercise that enables you to move mindfully. After leaving a Project Revive class you will feel revitalised and focussed. You will also be left with a sense of accomplishment and a strong feeling of self worth. The Project Revive teachers are passionate exercise experts and I would highly recommend them"
Doug Leddin
(Mental Health advocate)
Hayley has been my trainer since 2014 through good health and bad. She has also been the go to exercise specialist that I refer my patients to after breast cancer physiotherapy. My patients all do so well it is simply amazing. I have referred her patients at the most vulnerable point in their lives and she breaths life and confidence back into their souls and their muscles. Hayley is a national treasure and you too will be the better for knowing her and training with her.”
Siobhan O Reilly Bracken
(MISCP PT MPA CLT MSc PINC PINK Director of The O Reilly Centre - Physiotherapy for Lymphoedema, Cancer Rehab and Sports.
"I’ve been working with the girls from Project Revive for many years but in particular to the lead up to a new big endurance adventure planned for this Summer 2017 which requires me to be in the best physical shape of my life. I have suffered with long term chronic back pain for many years and Project Revive have given me, my body and back a new lease of life. I have always been into fitness but I dearly wish I had started pilates earlier in parallel, because I would have avoided countless injury and been so much more knowledgeable about my body. Their classes are fantastic and will not only make you super strong; they give you confidence, make you feel great and all in such an open and safe environment. The secret to Project Revive is the girls passion, personalities and total commitment to get you to the best you can be. Aside from helping you live a pain free life they give you a powerful full body workout regardless of your level. When it comes to movement experts …look no further than Project Revive"
Caroline Casey
Founder of BINC

"I have been working with Annie for years now and I have found it a pivotal part of my training and recovery and would recommend it to everyone. Annie creates fun, challenging classes, with particular emphasis on hip mobility and back flexibility."

Michael Darragh Macauley
Dublin Senior Footballer